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Specialty Coating and Coating Assessment
Specialty Coating and Coating Assessment
As part of Corrosion Protection Program this services included Coating Selection, Coating Defect Assessment, Coating Application and Field Supervision.

We provide also Liquid Solid Epoxy, which is the latest coating generation. This product has specific properties by which it able to apply for High Temperature service. Due to quick dry in minutes, this product also applicable for Field Joint Coating and Field repair which suitable with Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE).
We have introduce SPC Liquid Polymer Epoxy consist of 100% solid epoxy and Non Volac in Indonesia since 2005. This products has been recognized as latest generation and as one of best coating for High temperature service up to 250F in buried pipeline. As fully supported by SPC Canada, our product is widely applicable in various territory of oil & gas operation like in Canada, Thailand, China etc.

SPC properties enhance by its quick drying which very suitable for field repair. In the future most of Fussion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) will be able to be repaired directly at field by SPC, due to short curing time and comparable properties to FBE. In addition SPC is also strongly applicable for field joint coating where the main line using FBE coating.

As part of services Coating service will be included of field application, supervision and defect assessment and investigation.

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