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Cosasco : Cutting Edge Corrosion Management Solutions

Published by Manufacturing Technology Insights

Pulp and paper manufacturing is a complex chemical process that releases corrosive contaminants into the air, causing severe damage to electronics and machinery. As a result, manufacturing companies must have the ability to :

a. Measure the direct effect of airborne, internal, and external corrosion in real-time and,

b. Protect their critical assets and reduce the cost of corrosion in sensitive environments.

Addressing these needs is Cosasco, a corrosion and erosion monitoring and chemical management systems provider. The company focuses solely on corrosion management, and provides clients with a complete product and service offering for real-time data gathering. “We are a 70 year old business, that has pioneered corrosion monitoring. With our focus on customer interaction, partnership, and innovation, we offer corrosion management solutions for a wide range of industrial applications”, mentions Christene Banda, President of Cosasco.

Cosasco has been delivering dedicated corrosion management solutions for over 70 years. Over the last seven decades, the company has developed a wide range of proven products and service solutions, and it continues to advance the corrosion industry through innovation and expertise. Cosasco’s innovative corrosion monitoring solutions enable customers to protect their critical assets and enhance the bottom line. Although Cosasco’s core focus has been on the oil and gas sector during its early years, it decided to expand its product portfolio to serve the pulp and paper industry as well. As such, the company offers a suite of products for several corrosion detection applications such as airborne corrosion monitoring, continuous wall thickness monitoring, and storage tank monitoring, all aimed at protecting the critical assets of the paper and pulp industry.

With air contamination on the rise, protecting critical assets from atmospheric corrosion is becoming increasingly difficult for many pulp and paper companies.

“We offer corrosion management solutions for a wide range of industrial applications” 

In order to address this challenge, the company is launching a new product, AirlQTM. The solution provides real-time air quality monitoring to indicate a corrosive environment, far before any critical infrastructure is damaged. Cosasco developed AirlQTM in response to the challenges faced by one of their pulp and paper manufacturing clients. AirlQTM enables clients to monitor the airborne contaminants that cause corrosion and their impact on electronic and other mission critical components. The company leverages its hypersensitive ER technology to measure the direct effect of airborne pollutants.

Cosasco also leverages ultrasonic monitoring capabilities to measure the real-time corrosion rate of various processes within a paper and pulp facility. With its ultrasonic monitoring capabilities, customers can continuously measure the wall thickness and ensure mechanical integrity while also ensuring high levels of accuracy and precision. In addition, by detecting real-time corrosion rates, customers can prevent unplanned maintenance and downtimes and reduce equipment replacement costs significantly.

In order to help the clients better manage the data coming from various monitoring devices, the company automates the entire process. “In addition to providing the technology to collect data, we deliver that data to customers in a quick and usable manner to help them take immediate actions”, mentions Christene. If clients do not have a system in place specifically designed for their unique business needs, Cosasco’s team of corrosion specialist will step up and help engineer a custom solution. The company employs a dedicated team that goes above and beyond the implement a highly efficient corrosion management system. In addition, the company also supports its client with an experienced and trusted team that responds to all corrosion management needs.

Moving forward, Cosasco is planning to launch AirlQTM in the first quarter of 2022. The company is educating the market about this fully automated corrosion management solution. As Cosasco partners with more customers in the days to come, the company intends to make the air quality monitoring solution a standard for all its clients facilities. Once the product hits the market, the company will look into the customer feedback and make the product even better.

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